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You arrange for a professional driver with the most of glamorous approaches to take a formal invitation to your date, asking them to join you for dinner, a prom date, visit to sporting event or maybe even a concert.  The date is accepted…and then…


unnamedOn the date established a driver returns in a newer vehicle, transports the date to the destination you have selected for a wonderful evening together.  It can also be arranged for this to be a round-trip item.  Think of the peace of mind this adds to parents, school administrators and others during Junior and Senior Prom season.  Of course the service is available to everyone, however, considering some of the societal issues we are dealing with now, especially as they relate to underage drinking, the safety of the young is of paramount concern.




Our company has a fleet of vehicles to use during evenings and weekends and a dispatch and service organization process that is second to none. Call us, fax or email us and allow us to be of service today.

Use the menu below to advise of the service you contemplate using, if you prefer not to make an on-line purchase.  We will be in touch within 24 hours by phone to gather any further information needed and to process the payment.  Of course, you can also Click on a purchase option below and seal your space on our calendar and we will reach out for needed details only.

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